Addition and Multiplication Squares

Do you remember this old game that we used to play as kids: We needed only a squared paper and different color pens or pencils for each player. Then, each player, on his turn, draws one side of a square. The player who draws the last side of a square, colors that square in his color and draws another line. When all squares are colored, the player with the most colored squares is the winner. Using the same strategy, adding some numbers, uncertainty and math, the Squares Game can become more interesting, playful, and educational at the same time. Estimated level: 1st Grade Math for Addition Squares and 3th Grade Math for Multiplication Squares.

First, I would like to give credits to Games 4 Gains for "mathification" of the Squares Game. On their site they have different Squares Games for practicing math skills, such as squares games for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers. The idea and the basic game rules are t…

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