How To Divide 11 Pizzas Between 12 People Equally

It is not a difficult task to divide one pizza into 2 or 4 or 8 equal parts. But, suppose that you have invited 11 guests on the party and you bought 11 pizzas, but you forgot a pizza for yourself? Will you be ready to give up your share or will you make an effort to divide 11 pizzas into 12 equal amounts? How will you do that? Since everybody has to take 11/12 of one pizza, you may decide to divide each pizza into 12 equal pieces and then to give to each person 11 pieces. In that case you have to make at least 11 × 6 = 66 cuts, since one pizza can be divided into 12 equal pieces by at least 6 cuts. The other thing is that the pieces that you will get will be a little more bigger then a half of a piece that is 1/8 of a pizza. You can imagine that size by looking at the below picture of a pizza divided into 8 equal parts. Estimated level: 4th Grade Math.

The ancient Egyptian mathematics gives us a better solution of this problem using the Egyptian fractions. Before explaining what are…

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